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Blog Policies 9/20/09

We appreciate everyone who enriches our blog by posting comments. However, it is important that posts be appropriate, especially considering that teens may visit the site. Obscene, inflammatory, threatening, or otherwise inappropriate comments will be removed, and repeat offenders will not be allowed to post. If you are under the age of 13 please do not post. If you are aware of a posting by someone under the age of 13, please contact us at contact@financialwisdompi.com and we will remove the posting.

Also, we do not have the resources to check the validity of every post. For this reason, any posts that reveal negative information about a specific person or business will be removed. If you post negative experiences that you have had, please do not be specific as to the person or business.

Any information contained in this blog does not constitute financial advice. The blog is intended to provide general information, and does not relate to any individual’s specific circumstances. Please seek advice from a licensed professional about any specific financial issues that you may have.

Blog postings and comments are archived so that they are accessible for the general public’s use. However, we do not collect email addresses or any other information for any purpose of our own, or share or sell this information.


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