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Financial Wisdom Preparatory Institute is dedicated to providing financial education to young adults. We are located in Los Angeles. We hold one-day personal finance seminars for high school juniors and seniors, and will begin a school year-long personal finance pilot program for high achieving teens during the 2010-2011 academic year. We are also in the process of creating an innovative personal finance textbook for teens.

Please visit our Website for details: http://financialwisdompi.com

**Financial Wisdom Prep and all employees and teachers do not receive any consideration whatsoever from promoting or selling financial products or services.


1. Clinton Smith - September 21, 2009

I first met Joetta Forsyth while taking an undergraduate finance class over two years ago at Pepperdine University Graziadio School of Business & Management. Since then I went on to complete a Bachelor of Science in Management, and my MBA in finance & marketing with top honors. Needless to say, I’ve worked with many great professors.

Dr. Forsyth was one of the most thorough, precise, and teachable professors I ever had the pleasure to work with. She has always held a top spot in my list of A+ professors. She is an expert in her field. Plus, she knows how to communicate finance (without watering it down) and then follows up to ensure the successful imparting of knowledge. If she teaches your child, then they will learn finance! Everything she does is top-notch. I have a great respect for Dr. Forsyth and still keep in touch with her today. Having three children myself, I would highly recommend putting your teens in Joetta’s class as she is passionate about finance and helping others be successful as a result of knowing how to handle oneself financially. Trust that whatever she does, it will be well worth it. In today’s financially turbulent times, nothing could be more critical than teaching your teen how to navigate the financial landscape of the 21st Century- leave that to Dr. Joetta Forsyth.

FWPrep - September 21, 2009

Clinton, thank you so much for your kind words. It is so nice to hear that I am having a positive impact on my students lives. I wish you and your family the very best.

2. Tim Shinbara - September 21, 2009

Dr. Forsyth: What an incredible tool for anyone, not to mention teens who are just starting their individual trek of life!!

For those browsing: Let me be the first to state what an incredible instructor Dr. Forsyth is (my prof for Finance; MBA at Pepperdine) for her understanding of finance and relating the impacts of daily applications.

Dr. Forsyth, I speak for many of your students, when I say “thank you” for what you’ve done to-date and best wishes with your future endeavors…with much admiration and hope, Tim S.

3. FWPrep - September 21, 2009

Tim, you are most welcome. I really appreciate your comments. Good luck in the future!

4. Derek S. - September 21, 2009

I attended Dr. Forsyth’s Finance class as a part of my MBA curriculum at Pepperdine University. She is by far the most knowledgeable person I have met on the topic. Her teaching style along with her dedication to students is unparalleled!

5. FWPrep - September 21, 2009

Derek, your comments are much appreciated. I wish you well, and success in your future.

6. Kyle Beebe - September 22, 2009

I cannot express how excited I am to hear about this amazing opportunity Dr. Forsyth is bringing to the community! I think it such an incredible idea and much needed!!! Thank you Dr. Forsyth for helping our future generations out!!! I know you provided great wisdom and knowledge to all of your Pepperdine students, and I enjoyed it greatly! Thank you again!

7. FWPrep - September 22, 2009

Kyle, thank you for your words of inspiration. Good luck with your own endeavors!

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